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Extinction Cycle: Battle For Orchard Hill


Extinction Cycle: Battle For Orchard Hill

A deadly Ebola outbreak rages across Africa. The United States scrambles teams of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control. America’s top field agents tasked with collecting samples and developing a cure. A secret lab of scientists, racing against the clock, mixing man-made chemicals with the worst that nature has to offer, stumbles upon a would-be cure; but was it a cure they were even after?

Thus begins the greatest outbreak in the history of human-kind. A disease so deadly and rapidly evolving, it pushes the human race to the brink of extinction. Entire populations and regions of the United States quickly wiped out, falling victim to the plague. In the wake of the fast-spreading pandemic, state and local governments, desperate for answers, rush to provide relief to the devastated and overwhelmed communities. Experts in Bio-Medical Research are desperately summoned to Atlanta and military facilities across the country.

On a cold morning, the men of India Company, Second Platoon: Task Force Resolve, are alerted and rapid-deployed to central Michigan. Their mission: to recover and escort experts in biomedicine, specifically in the development and production of vaccines. With faulty intelligence and half-truths, Second Platoon moves forward. This is their story.


Primal Resolution, Book 9 of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by WJ Lundy Resistance, The Occupation Book 3 by WJ Lundy

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