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Donovan’s War: Tommy Donovan Book 1


Donovan’s War: Tommy Donovan Book 1

They took his sister, thinking no one would come. They were wrong. This time, the battle is personal. This time, evil has chosen the wrong victim.

Resigned to never finding peace from the war long behind him, retired warrior, Thomas Donovan, is now faced with an even deadlier conflict… one that could cost him the last of his humanity.

Once a member of an elite underground unit, the only wars Thomas knows now are the ones that rage inside him. All he wants is to stay under the radar of existence, trying to forget the past and isolating himself from the present.

When extremists kidnap a group of women from a Christian church in Syria, the past and present collide, forcing Donovan to act. This time, the battle is personal. This time, evil has chosen the wrong victim, and Thomas Donovan will not stop until he has made those responsible pay.

Facing insurmountable odds in hostile territories and always one step behind, will he be too late to save the life of the one he holds dear?

“Riveting unexpected twists, gritty realism, and first-hand adventure are inside this book. Get it now.” -JL Bourne, author of Tomorrow War and Day by Day Armageddon




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