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This is the Emergency Broadcast System

The broadcasters in your area, in voluntary cooperation with the FCC and other authorities, have activated the emergency broadcast system.This system is to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. This is not a test, repeat, this is not a test. This is an actual emergency.

Martial law has been declared in the greater territories of the United States. A twenty-four hour curfew has been put into effect.
Based on the answering parties’ area code you have been assigned to evacuation zone …  Blue 30.  
Your rally point is the intersection of … Interstate 28 and US 41. 

Do not, repeat, do not attempt evacuation unless you are in immediate danger.    
Evacuation rally points will only be manned between the hours of noon and two pm eastern standard time.  

Local law enforcement suggests rationing of food and water.  Strongly encourage the avoidance of all non-family members. Do not leave your home unless you are attempting evacuation. Food drops will be made as soon as possible.  Lethal force is authorized in defense of your dwelling or family members; local law enforcement cannot respond to calls for assistance.  

Tune to…AM Channel 1500 for News & Updates


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