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Archive: Categories Tommy Donovan Series


Blackbird: A Tommy Donovan Story

The clandestine Ground Division has a single mission. They exist for the sole purpose to take on tasks the United States government doesn’t want to be implicated in. They work in the shadow of the Central Intelligence Agency, but the […]


Delphi Initiative: Tommy Donovan Book 2

A conspiracy exists deep within the cogs of the United States Political System. Long thought to be no more than a convenient rumor, unabashed proof has been released to the wrong people. Tommy Donovan, a retired and disavowed special operator, […]


Donovan’s War: Tommy Donovan Book 1

They took his sister, thinking no one would come. They were wrong. This time, the battle is personal. This time, evil has chosen the wrong victim. Resigned to never finding peace from the war long behind him, retired warrior, Thomas […]