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The Light: The Invasion Trilogy Book 3 - W.J. Lundy


The Light: The Invasion Trilogy Book 3

When the world ends, will there be anyone left to bury the dead? The planet hangs on the brink of collapse with only pockets of resistance remaining. Those that are willing to fight, see that now is a time for heroes, and a last chance to stand up against the invaders. While governments fold in the wake of a new enemy, civilians are rounded up and assimilated into new communities. With all that remains, Jacob sees that they must fight, and let the world know that we will not submit. Without sacrifice, they will lose everything.
From the Best Selling Author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot comes the thrilling end to the Invasion Trilogy, The Light. READ AN EXCERPT >>




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3 days ago

W.J. Lundy

When the riots started and the city began to burn, he made a personal choice to die on the streets fighting, not hiding in his apartment like a coward.

He dug through his hall closet until he found the small canvas bag. Shane left most of his old uniforms in a dumpster when he was discharged from the Army, but he’d kept one. It was worn and battered but still bore all of his patches.

Not the typical clean and pressed uniform that soldiers wore when on garrison duty state side. It was the uniform he’d worn on his last deployment, the one that sent him home with pins in his back and a headache that never went away.

He put on the uniform and stood in front of his bathroom mirror, frowning. His hair was shoulder length; his beard long and unkempt. He barely looked the twenty-eight year old man that he knew he still was. “Damn,” he said, laughing and shaking his head as he undressed, “the Sergeant Major would have my ass.”

Lundy, W.J.. Something To Fight For (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Book 5) . PHALANX PRESS. Kindle Edition.
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